Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

It's happened to most of us, you're out with you furry best friend and see them eating grass all of a sudden. But the question is... WHY?? 😕
Well you are not alone! This question gets asked by majority of dog owners all over the world. So many questions go through our heads when we see this happen. Are the sick? Hungry? Do they like the taste? Won't this upset their tummys?

We're here to help answer this question.

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Alright, so this happens...but why is my pup eating grass?

Not enough fiber the dogs diet

Many animals eat grass as their source of fiber, and most animals know this too. Animals are also pretty good at self-diagnosis. If your dogs body feels like they need more fiber, their natural instinct is to source it out and get some more - usually grass or plants. Try to change up your dog's diet with foods higher in fiber. If your dog eats "Hooman" foods too, try steaming some veggies for them in their next meal. If not, maybe look into changing their pellets to high-fiber.
* A symptom that this may be the case, is your doggo struggling to uh... "fertilize" your grass for you.
You can also read this story by Heathlypets.com about a Poodle that ate grass and vomited every day for years. After changing to a high-fiber diet for just 3 days, this stopped!

Your dog could be trying to relieve digestive issues

This is also a very common reason why your dog could be eating grass. They would just starting running to eat some grass and vomit almost immediately after. Many of us tend to panic straight away when this happens - but sometimes, like us, we need to get rid of something bothering our stomachs. It could be something they ate, although a smell could set this off too (unfortunately not enough research has been done to find out exactly what). Mostly, this is not something to worry about IF this is not a regular occurrence. If this is happening every few weeks/months - you dont need to worry. But if this is regularly happening every week or so - it would be best to see your vet and make sure there is not an underlying digestive problem at hand.

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They are simply bored or enjoy the taste 😊

Yip, sometimes the answer to this question is actually just this. Your dog may have some extra energy and starts playing tog-o-war with the grass. Or they could actually just like the taste... strange isn't it?
If you notice your dog eating grass or plants, but still acting their usual selves and don't struggle "relieving" themselves - you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Just something to try avoid would be letting them eat grass near places that may be using chemicals to treat their grass.

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Is this common behavior?

Absolutely! This type of behavior is even seen in wild dogs too. So we can assume that this is actually pretty natural.

One small-scale study of 49 dog owners whose dogs had regular access to grass and other plants found that 79% of the dogs had eaten plants at some time. Another survey about plant-eating dogs found that grass was the most commonly eaten plant.


Pica is the term for eating non-food items, and eating grass is the most common form of pica. Grass eating has even been observed in wild dogs, so it’s not a behavior that’s unique to our domesticated fur children. Wolves and other wild canids typically consume their prey whole, including the digestive systems of herbivores that would be filled with partially-digested plant matter. Unlike cats, who are strict carnivores, dogs are omnivores. Dogs will consume whatever food source is available to them, including things like grass, plants, fruits, vegetables, and berries.


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