Teach your doggo to sit

Training your dog is not always an easytask. It can be full of frustration, confusion and expensive treats! But training your dog to sit is a fantastic start. This can create really great behaviour for the pups too. This will help start off discipline training, stop them from jumping on guests and prevent them from running across roads when taking walks.

Puppy sitting
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Get your pup sitting in 6 easy steps!

Step One:

Get those treats ready!While holding a treat, put your hand near the dogs nose when they are standing.

Step Two:

With they dogs focus on your hand, slowly lift/arc your hand above their head - towards their rear. This will naturally make your look upward, and move into a sitting position.

Step Three:

Patience is a virtue. Keep repeating these steps a few times until you can see your pup understanding. Try to move around when doing this.

Step Four:

After step 3, best to switch hands. What we are going to teach the dog now is to do this command with a hand gesture and voice cue instead. Using the hand withouta treat, say your keyword and raise it slowly toward your shoulders (not above the pups head anymore). When your dog sits, reward them - if not, repeat until they do.

Step Five:

Right-i-o. Once they have gotten into this pattern, we are doing to focus on the keyword. Tell them to sit, wait a few seconds and use your hand signal. This is teaching them to focus on the word, instead of the action. Simply reward and repeat.

Step Six:

Your pup will now understand what they need to do, and you will be able to get rid of the hand gesture completely. It is up to you if you'd like to continue giving them praise with the treat at this stage (I know I struggle to not give some rubs after). Over time, do not give treats everytimethey do this. Otherwise you will expect a treat every single time they do this act.

Puppy sitting
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